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Products designed & built in the UK by us

Our Products

Designed & manufactured in the UK by us

At the heart of Open Road is a pioneering spirit that thrives on crafting new and innovative solutions for the adventurous soul. With a dedicated team of skilled fabricators and visionary in-house designers, we don't just build products—we forge a path to new experiences. Every creation is a labor of love, meticulously tailored to meet the exacting needs of our customers. From the custom-designed resilience of our fridge slides to the robust versatility of our pickup pods and the empowering functionality of our Open Road boxes, our hands-on approach ensures that each product is not just an accessory, but a key to unlocking the full potential of your adventures

Hit the trails with the compact Open Road Adventure Airbox, smartly maximizing pickup tub space with the durable ARB High Output Air Compressor and a sleek 4-liter tank. It's a powerhouse for on-the-go tire inflations, Air Locker® activations, and more, all while snugly fitting around your wheel arch for space-saving efficiency.

Venture into the wild with the Open Road Power Box, a seamless integration into your pickup's tub space, providing reliable 12V power for all your essentials. Housing a sturdy 110ah Victron AGM battery and cutting-edge components, it ensures efficient use of space and energy, right by your wheel arch.

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The demountable camping or work solution.

Self-contained demountable pod with power, light and water as standard, with a list of extras completely customised for your needs, starting at £14,000+VAT.


Pickup Pod® for camping

  • 130kg Aluminium frame

  • Demountable system

  • Power, solar & water as standard

  • Full slide out kitchen with drawer system for storage

  • Premium roof tent and 270 awning 

  • Sleeps 2 + 👶/🐶

Pickup Pod® for work 

  • 130kg Aluminium frame

  • Demountable system

  • Internal drawer system for secure, locked storage of tools

  • Roof rack for extra storage

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