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Inflate Your Adventures

Embark on every journey with the assurance of Open Road Adventure Airbox by your side. Meticulously designed for the discerning overlander, this air system maximizes your pickup's tub space, snugly fitting around the wheel arch - a testament to efficient and smart design.


At its heart lies the ARB High Output Air Compressor, sculpted from top-notch materials that ensure lightness without compromising on durability. Experience the consistent performance and reliability ARB is known for. This power-packed compressor partners seamlessly with a 4-litre aluminum receiver tank. The result? A 9m retractable flexible line armed with a pcl euro connection.


With a flow rate that leads its class, our compressor system stands ready for a multitude of tasks. From Air Locker® activation and swift tire inflation to paddleboard inflation, filter cleaning, and routine vehicle maintenance, it's your trusty companion on every adventure.

    Open Road Air Box

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      • Sealed design that resists both moisture and dust.
      • Hard-anodized cylinder bore in the compressor minimizes friction.
      • Thoughtfully designed mounting bracket and box dissipate motor heat, ensuring optimum performance.
      • Engineered for a whisper-quiet operation and an extended lifespan.
      • Crafted from lightweight, high-strength engineering-grade materials.
      • Safety-first: Equipped with an over-pressure safety valve and drain.
      • In-built thermal protection in the motor safeguards against temperature extremes.
      • Heavy-duty maxi-fuse for top-tier in-line circuit protection.
      • Choose the compressor model that fits your needs: Available in both 12V and 24V configurations.
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