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Empower Your Adventure

Introducing the Open Road Power Box – the ultimate 12V power hub designed specifically for the overlanding enthusiast. Ingeniously occupying the often-unused space around your pickup's wheel arch, this system not only maximizes space efficiency but also enhances the functionality of your vehicle. Within this compact yet robust box, you’ll find premium Victron and Blue Sea components including a 500W inverter, DC-DC charge controller, solar charger, smart shunt for battery monitoring, and a hefty 110ah Victron AGM battery. All engineered to power essential devices like a 12V fridge, lights, compressors, and more, it’s the perfect fusion of form and function for the off-road lifestyle.


The Open Road Power Box has been meticulously assembled to integrate seamlessly with the contours of your pickup, offering a straightforward connection via the provided link. The heart of the system is powered by trusted Victron energy products, ensuring that from the flick of the main isolator switch to the connectivity of the Victron Connect app, you have control and information at your fingertips. Whether you’re charging devices, running a fridge, or lighting up your campsite, the Power Box is your reliable source of power, even in the most remote locations.

    Open Road Power Box

    Sales Tax Included |
      • 110ah Victron AGM battery for long-lasting power.
      • Victron Phoenix 12/500va inverter, delivering up to 900W of peak power.
      • Smart DC-DC charging from your vehicle with Victron Orion-Tr.
      • Mobile connectivity with the Victron smart shunt for on-the-go battery monitoring.
      • Solar adaptability with a 50 amp Anderson plug leading to a Victron MPPT 100-20 charger.
      • Convenient 240v home charging option (charger sold separately).
      • Dual 50 amp Anderson plug outputs, a 12v socket outlet, and two USB charging ports.
      • 12v midi fuse panel and a stylish stainless front switch panel.
      • Compatibility with accessory connections and the Open Road Airbox.
      • Simple 6m loom connection to your engine battery.
      • Victron 200ah lithium battery for enhanced energy storage.
      • Victron Phoenix inverters with higher capacities: 12/800va (1500W peak) and 12/2200va (2200W peak).
      • Victron MPPT solar controllers for increased solar capacity: 100-30 (440W max) and 100-50 (700W max).
      • Solar blankets in various sizes for flexible energy capture.
      • 240v Victron blue smart charger for efficient battery maintenance.
      • Customizable link cables for personalized connectivity solutions.

      Enhance your off-grid experience with these upgrade options. Elevate your Power Box to meet your unique power demands, whether it’s extending your trips with a larger battery or powering more demanding equipment with a higher capacity inverter. With the ability to increase your solar charging capabilities and maintain your system with smart charging solutions, the Power Box is ready to grow with your adventures.

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