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This 60Ah Lithium SuperPack battery from power management specialists, Victron Energy, is easy to use with its built-in BMS (Battery Management System) and multiple safety features. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology offers huge benefits over traditional lead-acid technology and is fast becoming the new standard for leisure, marine and other deep cycle leisure battery applications. 

Lithium batteries are very tolerant of poor charging practices and will not be damaged if left fully or partially discharged; in fact, their service life is maximised if left in a partially discharged state. They are far lighter than lead-acid equivalents, can accept higher charge rates, can be more deeply discharged and don't suffer the same voltage 'tail-off'. They also have a better 'round-trip' (100% charge to 0% and back to 100%) efficiency of 90%+ compared with as low as 50% for lead-acid (particularly at shallow-discharges).

For safety, the BMS switch in this SuperPack battery will disconnect it from charging sources and loads when charge or discharge currents are too high and will prevent charging at low temperatures (below 0°C).

Victron Lithium SuperPack battery features

  • Victron build quality and reliability
  • Built-in BMS with multiple safety features
  • Maintenance-free
  • Internal cell balancing
  • Up to 2x useable power compared with lead-acid
  • Lighter weight (40-50% of the weight of an equivalent lead-acid battery)
  • Can receive partial charge (unlike lead-acid which need a full re-charge every cycle)
  • Will not become damaged if left in a fully or partially discharged state
  • Unlimited parallel connection possible
  • 30A max. continuous charge/discharge current
  • Approx. 2500 cycles at 80% DoD
  • M6 threaded terminals on long edge: POS LHS / NEG RHS
  • 2 year warranty
  • Ideal for campervans, motorhomes, boats and off-grid applications

Victron Lithium SuperPack Battery - 12.8V / 60Ah

SKU: BAT512060705
Sales Tax Included |
    • Chemistry: LiFePO4
    • Nominal voltage: 12.8V DC
    • Nominal capacity @ 25°C: 60Ah
    • Nominal capacity @ 0°C: 48Ah
    • Nominal energy @25°C: 768Wh
    • Cycle life @ 80% DoD and 25°C: 2500 cycles
    • Max. continuous discharge current: 30A
    • Peak discharge current (10 sec): 80A
    • Charge voltage - absorption: 14.2 - 14.4V DC
    • Charge voltage - float: 13.5V DC
    • Max. continuous charge current: 30A
    • Parallel connections allowed: Yes, unlimited
    • Series connections allowed: No
    • Operating temperature - discharging: -20 to +50°C
    • Operating temperature - charging: 0 to +45°C
    • Storage temperature: -40 to +65°C
    • Max. storage time when fully charged: 1 year @25°C, 3 months  @≤ 40°C
    • Ingress Protection rating: IP43
    • Terminal type: M6 female threaded inserts
    • Terminal layout: POS LHS / NEG RHS (on long edge)
    • Overall dimensions: 213 (H) x 229 (W) x 138 (D) mm
    • Weight: 9.5 kg
    • Warranty: 2 years
    • Part Number:  BAT512060705
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