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Victron's Smart Solar MPPT RS 450|100 Isolated is a 48V solar charge controller with a 450 VDC rated PV input and a 100 A rated charge output. It has been specifically designed for use in on-grid and off-grid solar applications where maximum battery charging power is required.

It features 2 independent MPPT trackers, allowing you to optimise your solar panel design and configuration to get the maximum performance from your specific location, and can operate with a wide PV voltage range of 80 - 450 VDC (120 VDC PV startup voltage) For additional overall system safety, there is full galvanic isolation between the PV and battery connections and the controller continuously monitors the PV array to detect if there are faults that reduce the isolation of the panels to unsafe levels. The charger is lightweight (7.9kg) with excellent efficiency, low standby power and very quiet operation.

A display on the front of the unit shows important battery and controller parameters and this controller has Bluetooth communication built-in which allows you to interface with it via the VictronConnect app on your Apple/Android/Windows device. Through this app, you can configure an extensive range of functions on the controller and monitor its performance in real-time and via historical stats.

Multiple units can be synchronised in a VE.Smart Network via the VE.Can ports (25 max. in parallel). This means that all units connected to the network are linked and operating at the same stage of the charging algorithm, so they act as a single, larger charger. When the 'master' unit moves to a different stage of the charging algorithm, all units move with it.

This controller is recommended for a maximum panel power of 5800W (5.8kW) (48V system)

  • Ideal for use with on-grid or off-grid solar systems and 48V battery banks
  • Ultra-fast MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology
  • 2 x independent MPPT trackers
  • Full galvanic isolation of inputs/outputs
  • Bluetooth communication built-in
  • Outstanding conversion efficiency of 96%
  • VE.Direct and VE.Can ports for connection to Victron GX products
  • Intelligent battery life management
  • Programmable charge algorithm
  • Programmable relay
  • Extensive electronic protection
  • Battery temperature sensor
  • Synchronised parallel charging via VE.Can
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty

Victron Energy SmartSolar MPPT RS 450|100 – Isolated

SKU: SCC145110410
Sales Tax Included |
    • System/battery voltage: 48V DC
    • Max. rated charge current: 100A
    • Max. panel power: 5800W @ 57.6V
    • Charge voltage (default): Absorption 57.6V / Float 55.2V (adjustable)
    • Programable voltage range: 36-60 VDC
    • Charge algorithm: Multi-stage adaptive
    • Max. panel open circuit voltage: 450V
    • Startup voltage: 120V
    • MPPT operating voltage range: 80 - 450V
    • No. of MPPT trackers: 2
    • Max. PV operational input current: 18A per tracker
    • Max. PV short circuit current: 20A per tracker
    • Max. DC output charging power: 4000W per tracker (5760W total)
    • Max. PV array size per tracker: 7200Wp
    • PV isolation fail level: 100kΩ
    • Peak efficiency: 96%
    • Self power consumption: 15mA
    • Protection: PV reverse polarity / Output short-circuit / Over-temperature
    • Parallel operation: Yes - via VE.Can (25 units max.)
    • Programmable relay: Yes
    • Battery connection terminals: M8 bolts
    • Max. cable size for PV connections: 16mm²
    • Ingress protection rating: IP21
    • Operating temp: -40 to +60°C (fan assisted cooling)
    • Overall dims (Tr models): 440 (H) x 313 (W) x 126 (D) mm
    • Weight: 7.9kg
    • Part Number:  SCC145110410
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