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The Digital Multi Control panel (DMC) is a remote panel designed to work with all of Victron Energy's Multi & Quattro inverter/chargers (including the Multiplus range).  The DMC can remotely turn the Multis or Quattros on or off (or set them to charger-only mode), display the status of the charger and inverter functions and set up to four different AC input current limits (plus one generator input).

Supplied with a metal bracket and screws for a discrete, flush mounted installation and no visible fixings.

Note: An RJ45 UTP (Unscreened Twisted Pair) cable is required for installation (not included).


  • Turn inverter/charger on, off or set to 'charger-only' operation
  • 7-segment, blue LED display with auto-dimming function at night
  • Charger status LEDs indicating power and charge stage
  • Inverter status LEDs indicating power and alarm status
  • Adjustable AC shore current limit via rotary control knob (upper limit settable)
  • Adjustable AC input current limit for generator when using external transfer switch

Victron Energy Digital Multi Control 200/200A GX

SKU: DMC000200010R
Sales Tax Included |
    • Overall dimensions:  120 (W) x  65 (H) x 12 (D) mm
    • Depth required behind mounting face: 20mm min.
    • RJ45 socket orientation: Side entry (90° to face of panel)
    • Part Number:  DMC000200010R
    • Bar Code:  8719076017011
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