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This panel-mounted accessory connector for Victron's Blue Smart IP65 chargers features LED indicators to show the state of charge of the battery to which it is connected.  These provide a quick and easy visual indication of the 'health' of the battery without needing to reach for your multimeter.

LED indication

  • Green - battery 100% charged
  • Amber - battery 60-80% charged
  • Red - battery < 60% charged
  • No LED - immediate re-charge required

M8 eyelets allow for easy and secure connection to the battery and a splash-proof fuse holder fitted with 30A standard blade (ATO) fuse protects against accidental shorts.  The connector is designed to be panel-mounted in a rectangular cut-out of approximately 38 x 22 mm and is fitted with a sealing gasket.

This IP65 charger accessory is useful if you have a hard-to-reach battery as you can leave the eyelets permanently connected to the battery and just plug the charger into the panel-mounted connector when required.

Victron Energy Battery Indicator Panel For Victron Blue Smart IP65 Charger

SKU: BPC900110114
Sales Tax Included |
    • Current rating: 20A max.
    • Fuse type: Standard blade (ATO) in splashproof holder
    • Fuse rating: 30A
    • Battery connection: M8 eyelets
    • Total cable length: 1.5m
    • Panel cut-out required: 38 (H) x 22 (W) mm approximately
    • Part Number:  BPC900110114
    • Bar Code:  8719076043072
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