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This accessory connector for Victron's Blue Smart IP65 chargers features LED indicators to show the state of charge of the battery to which it is connected.  These provide a quick and easy visual indication of the 'health' of the battery without needing to reach for your multimeter.

LED indication

  • Green - battery 100% charged
  • Amber - battery 60-80% charged
  • Red - battery < 60% charged
  • No LED - immediate re-charge required

M8 eyelets allow for easy and secure connection to the battery and a splash-proof fuse holder fitted with 30A standard blade (ATO) fuse protects against accidental shorts. This connector is useful if you have a hard-to-reach battery as you can leave the eyelets permanently connected to the battery and just plug the charger into the connector when required.

Victron Energy Battery Indicator Eyelet For Victron Blue Smart IP65 Charger

SKU: BPC900120114
Sales Tax Included |
    • Cable cross-section: 3.3mm² (12 AWG)
    • Current rating: 20A max.
    • Fuse type: Standard blade (ATO) in splashproof holder
    • Fuse rating: 30A
    • Battery connection: M8 eyelets
    • Total cable length: 0.3m
    • Operating voltage: 6-15v
    • Part Number:  BPC900120114
    • Bar Code:  8719076043065
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