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The SOL Stoke Field Knife is a great all in one survival knife that comes with everything you need to cut chop build and start a fire. The full tang blade is made from high grade 420 stainless steel with a part serration that allows for quick and easy rope cutting with the plain edge remaining for slicing and chopping.

SOL Stoke Field Knife

SKU: 0140-1020
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    • 3.9-inch 420 Stainless Steel Blade - Full-tang, high-grade, satin-finished blade with partial serration for quick rope-cutting
    • Fire Starters - Light a fire with the tinder cord lanyard and flint fire starter
    • Sturdy Holster - Riveted belt holster protects blade and provides storage for flint fire starter
    • Non-Slip Grip - Feel confident in your work with the non-slip, ergonomic PP/TPR handle
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