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The Stoke Camp Hatchet is your all-in-one fire-starting tool.  420-stainless hatchet with sure-grip PP/TPR handle construction quickly splits firewood.  

Use the integrated rope cutter to cut a piece of the tinder cord lanyard and ignite by striking the full flint starter with the blade.  Need a wrench?  Use one of the 3 included hex wrenches.  Open a well-deserved beverage with the bottle opener, then sit back and enjoy your efforts next to your fire. 

Keep the Stoke Camp Hatchet and flint ready for the next adventure in the sturdy riveted holster. 

SOL Stoke Camp Hatchet

SKU: 0140-1016
Sales Tax Included |
    • Stays Sharp
    • Multi-Tool Function
    • Fire Starters
    • Non-Slip Grip
    • Sturdy Holster
    • Integrated bottle opener
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