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Rescue Flash ™ signaling mirror from Survive Outdoors Longer. A light and shatterproof mirror you can safely take with you in your pocket Helikon pants for a trip or camping. In an emergency, using a mirror, you can send an emergency signal visible from a distance of up to 16 km .

There is a sight in the central part of the mirror , which facilitates the appropriate setting of the direction of signal transmission . On the back of the mirror there is an manual instruction in English and French. The mirror has been designed so that it can float on the water , and through to a hole in one of the corners, attach a cord or a retractor to prevent accidental loss.

SOL Rescue Floating Signal Mirror

SKU: 0140-1004
Sales Tax Included |
    • Light and floating structure
    • Centrally positioned sight
    • Manual instruction in English and French on the back
    • Security cord hole
    • Dimensions: 50 x 75 x 6 mm
    • Weight: 23 g
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