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Mag Striker from Survive Outdoors Longer. Through to the integrated magnesium rod, starting a fire with flint is easier. The light construction makes the tinder easy to carry in a tourist bag or military backpack.

The Mag Striker is equipped with an orange contoured handle, in which a magnetic rod with flint is mounted. After scraping the magnesium for kindling, a small amount of sparks is enough to start the fire . The set includes a steel scraper equipped with additional tools such as: striker and bottle opener. One scraper has a 50 mm ruler, and the other has a 1: 100,000 scale ruler to help you read distances on the map.

A steel scraper with flint is connected by a cord to a waxed cotton core , which can be used as a flammable kindling.

SOL Fire Lite Micro Sparker (2 Pack)

SKU: 0140-1233
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    • Tinder equipped with a magnesium rod to light the fire
    • Comfortable profiled handle
    • A scraper equipped with additional tools and a ruler
    • The orange color of the handle makes it easier to identify the flint
    • Length    134 mm
    • Weight    80 g
    • Handle color    Orange
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