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FireLite 8-in-1 Survival Kit from Survive Outdoors Longer. The kit includes the necessary elements to help you survive in the field , which will help give an emergency signal, facilitate navigation and allow you to light a fire. All elements are combined into one whole, so you can easily carry the set in a backpack or in a pocket military trousers.

The cord included in the set can be used to repair clothes or shoes. Fire starter and tinder will make it easier to light a fire. The set also includes a button compass, through to which you will be able to determine the correct direction, while a mirror and a whistle will allow you to send an emergency signal. Everything is closed in a waterproof container in a bright orange color for easy identification. Through to the cord included in the set, the whole can be conveniently hung around the neck.

The kit includes:

  • Survival whistle
  • Button compass
  • Signal mirror
  • Micro sparker
  • Tinder quik
  • Flint fire starter
  • Tinder cord lanyard
  • Waterproof container

SOL Fire Lite 8-in-1 Survival Tool

SKU: 0140-1254
Sales Tax Included |
    • Light and compact survival kit
    • Contains the necessary elements useful in an emergency
    • The orange color makes it easier to identify the set
    • Waterproof compartment for small items
    • Dimensions: 114 x 25 mm
    • Weight: 45 g
    • Color: Orange
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