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The Safari Chef 30 LP LITE by CADAC packs versatile, efficient campsite grilling into a portable size. This low-pressure version can be powered by a hose and pressure regulator on a refillable gas bottle, or with a CADAC Power Pak (not included). With compact construction and foldable legs, this grill can be set up for meal time nearly anywhere.


  • This lightweight, portable gas BBQ has an approx. 30 cm cooking area.
  • Includes BBQ grid with CADAC GreenGrill coating - a ceramic coating for healthier and cleaner cooking.
  • This Low Pressure unit (LP) can be connected to an ordinary gas bottle, KITC111 or KITC108 with an appropriate hose (not included).
  • Interchangeable modular surface options include three (3) interchangeable tops: a pot stand, a BBQ grid and a lid/dome.
  • Automatic push-button electric ignition.
  • Includes carrying bag
  • 2-year warranty
  • Note: gas bottle, pressure regulator and / or Power Pak are not included.
  • Note: This product is only available for selected countries, please refer to the Special Notes in the Specs Tab.NOTE: Please note, that in Germany 50mbar are being used and 30mbar can not be combined. Please check the external plug of your Caravan - 30mbar can not be plugged in on a 50mbar plug.

Safari Chef 30 LP LITE / 30mBar

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