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At Saber Offroad, we are an Aussie company committed to supplying 4WD enthusiasts and adventurers with the best recovery gear.

But we’re not only helping you with gear to recover your 4×4, but also recover your hunger!

Enter the Saber Offroad Jaffle Iron … This camping toasted sandwich maker will take your camping trips and adventures to the next level.

It’s the perfect addition to your camping box because…

  • Quality cast iron
  • Pre-seasoned so it’s ready to use
  • Long handles so you stay a safe distance from the fire
  • Even heat distribution due to its thick walls
  • Includes custom-designed storage bag to keep your jaffle iron clean between uses
  • It’s slimline and doesn’t take up a lot of room

Saber Offroad … making your 4WD adventures not just safe, but also delicious!

Saber Jaffle Irons

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