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Introducing the Alloy Winch Shackle (AWS)
At Saber Offroad we are always looking to make our products best suited for use with soft shackles and our safer, smarter & stronger recovery gear. The Alloy Winch Shackle (AWS) is a new addition to this range. Replacing the need for a standard winch hook, the Alloy Winch Shackle will conveniently hold the winch rope tightly against the fairlead to protect it and allow for convenient use when needed. The larger radius at the end of the Alloy Winch shackle supports soft shackles and eliminates risk of damage compared to other products with sharper edges.

Manufactured from 7075 Aluminium
Manufactured from Aircraft Grade 7075 Aluminium, the Alloy Winch Shackle is not just incredibly strong, but also lightweight. The winch rope eye is held in place by a 16mm 304 Stainless Steel pin and internal circlip. It is installed quickly and easily. The Rubber Fairlead Engagement Pad (RFEP) softly engages with and protects the surface of an aluminium fairlead.

Australian Finished with CERAKOTE Ceramic Coating
Understanding the weaknesses of other finishes from around the world, we have worked with local coating specialists to find the best solution. The Australian Ceramic Coating (from CERAKOTE USA) on our Alloy Winch Shackle gives strong UV stability matched with stunning colours that will surely impress. A variety of colours are available including Red, Blue, and Black. A Gunmetal Grey Australian Prismatic Powder Coating is also available, giving all the UV Stability of Cerakote, whilst offering an alternate surface finish.

The New Standard in Winch Shackles
100% Designed, Tested & Finished in Australia, rated to 17,000kg, this product is a world class solution. At only 37mm thick and weighing a touch over 800 grams, the Alloy Winch Shackle is far lighter than many lower rated standard winch hooks on the market.

Product Features
  • Rated to 17,000kg
  • Suitable for all 4x4s
  • Cerakote ceramic coating
  • Lightweight aircraft-grade 7075 aluminium
  • Supports the use of soft shackles
  • Comes in Cerakote orange, blue, red, and black
  • Cerakote finish to give strong UV stability and a durable hard-wearing surface
  • Winch rope eye held in place by a 16mm 304 Stainless Steel pin and internal circlip
  • 100 per cent designed, tested and finished in Australia
  • Batch tested to destruction in a NATA-accredited facility in Melbourne, Australia

Saber 7075 Alloy Winch Shackle (Cerakote Jungle Green)

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