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The brand new Jetboil Stash is everything you’ve ever wanted in a stove. It’s lightweight and compact, maximizing your pack space without sacrificing that iconic Jetboil performance. The clever nesting design is what gives the ‘Stash’ its name – all the elements fit inside the Stash’s pot making transport of the Stash easy and compact. This stand-alone stove is the lightest Jetboil system ever made!

The trick to Jetboil's efficiency is the flux ring technology which drastically reduces boil times, saving fuel and gets nourishment into you quickly. The Flux ring protects the burner from the wind and hugely increases the surface area of the base of the cooking pot to make sure all the heat is directed there and not wasted up the sides. Boil time for 1/2 a litre of water in good conditions is around 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Getting the stove started couldn't be easier – just remember to pack your matches or lighter!

The .8l cookpot comes with its own lid and features an attached rubberised pour handle that doesn’t get too hot when the burner is on. The beauty of the Stash is in its versatility – unlike previous generations of Jetboil you can swap the pot to match your cooking needs! The included fuel stabiliser keeps everything stable and steady.

Jetboil Stash Cooking System

SKU: 858941006939
Sales Tax Included |
    • The lightest Jetboil system ever made!
    • Stand-alone stove with titanium burner
    • .8L FluxRing cook pot
    • FluxRing technology ensures a rapid 2.5 Min boil time
    • Nesting design
    • Cook Pot with Lid and attached pour handle
    • Fuel stabilizer included
    • Storage for 100g Jetpower Fuel Canister
    • Gas not included
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