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The Jetboil Flash Cooking System is the perfect kit for cooking quickly and conveniently under field conditions. This easily carried system works with your field kit to provide hot food and drink whenever it’s needed.

The Flash cooking vessel and burner are stashed away in a compact all-in-one unit. The Fluxring cooking cup holds up to a litre of liquid, and lights with a single click of the igniter.

In under two minutes, the Flash provides boiling water for two cups of tea or coffee, or for cooking a dried packet meal. The igniter is secured by a burner, protecting it during carriage.

This is one of the safer cooking systems available, offering all the convenience and flexibility often demanded by adverse field conditions.

Accidental spills are prevented by clipping the cup onto the burner rather than just standing it on while the three attached feet to the canister provides stability.

An indicator on the cozy signals that the contents have been properly heated by changing colour, so there’s no danger of ending up with semi-cooked food or lukewarm beverages.

The insulated bottom cover and drink-through lid help keep the contents hot for a long time.

Jetboil Flash Cooking System

SKU: 858941006557
Sales Tax Included |
    • 1L Fluxring cooking cup with insulating cozy
    • Boils 0.5L of water in just 100 seconds
    • Heat indicated with colour change
    • Adjustable stainless steel burner
    • Push-button through-cup igniter
    • Drink-through lid
    • Stable base using three tripod feet
    • Colour: Camo
    • Weight: 371g / 13.1oz
    • Dimensions: 4.1” x 7.1” (104 mm x 180 mm)
    • Fuel not included
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