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A Simple And Powerful Leverage Tool For Pulling Posts And Stakes Of All Kinds

The Post-Popper is made for manually removing posts quickly and easily. The unique components allow a person to apply a tremendous amount of lifting force directly to the posts.

The Post-Popper jaw fits around a T-post for easy lifting out of the ground. Also, with the addition of the Chain & Slip Hook Accessory, the Post-Popper can easily pull construction stakes, galvanized fence posts, wood posts, u-channel posts, posts bent or broken off close to the ground and posts imbedded in concrete footings.

The Post-Popper offers significant advantages and savings in all areas of fencing and signing industries along with landscaping, farm & home, and construction.

Hi-Lift Post-Popper

SKU: PP-300
Sales Tax Included |
  • Post-Popper Specifications

    • Construction: Heavy duty 1 1/2" square tubing
    • Finish: Red, low gloss enamel
    • Weight: 21 lbs (9.5 kg)
    • Height: 39" (99 cm)

    Chain & Slip Hook Accessory (PP-350) Not Included – Available For Purchase Separately - 48" (122cm) Chain & Slip Hook For pulling round posts, wood posts, u-channel posts, construction stakes, etc

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