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Use this Front Face Plate Set to finish off the sides of the 6 Wolf Pack Drawer (Wide Incl. Boxes) - by Front Runner or Drawer Pickup (Large) - by Front Runner. This set provides integrated knock-outs for switches and plugs of various accessories that can be fitted in conjunction with these drawer systems.


  • A set of Front Face Plates to complete the front of the SSWO008 or SSDR010.
  • The left hand Face Plate has 4 knock-outs that can be used to fit electrical switches for lighting, compressors or water pumps.
  • The right hand Face Plate has 2 knock-outs that accommodate water connectors and taps for various Front Runner water containers or tanks such as the WTAN037 that can be fitted and fixed to the rear of the SSWO008 or SSDR010.
  • This Front Face Plate Set is black powder coated to match the drawer systems.
  • Front Face Plates are used when a Deck Completion Set is unavailable for your pickup or you have chosen not to fit the Deck Completion Set.
  • Fits to your pickup drawer system with the supplied hardware.

Front Face Plate Set for Pickup Drawers / Large

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