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The perfect solution to the struggle of lowering and raising a pickup’s heavy tailgate, Tailgate Assist safely controls the opening speed and reduces the effort required to close while enabling simple, one-handed operation.Manufactured in Australia and Germany, Tailgate Assist incorporates two types of struts co-developed with Stabilus, the world leader in gas strut technology.


The passenger side damping strut helps to slowly lower the tailgate which, once opened, can be let go and continue to lower unassisted in a controlled manner. On the driver’s side of the tailgate, a gas-assisted traction strut helps to close the tailgate; making lifting easy and achievable with a simple one-handed motion.


Each kit comes with vehicle-specific hardware including mounting brackets and replacement tailgate cables and guide brackets where required.

ARB Tailgate Assist System (Isuzu D-Max Mk6 2021 Onwards)

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