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Staying safe is essential in a recovery situation. Having equipment that is correctly rated protects your family, friends and vehicle, and of course, should be front of mind when selecting recovery gear for your situation.


The ARB Soft Connect Shackle is designed to act as a fuse in a recovery situation, breaking generally before any rated metal components it’s attached to should break at. This removes flying metal projectiles in recovery situations and provides a safer recovery for not only persons involved in the recovery but also any bystanders. The shackle also provides flexibility for attaching your strap to a rated recovery point on your vehicle. As always, we recommend following correct recovery procedures and putting safety first.


Protecting and storing your ARB Soft Connect Shackle when not in use is easy with the included drawstring carry bag. The bag incorporates a mesh and nylon case to allow for sufficient drying, as well as protecting and providing easy storage in your recovery kit. Retail packaging has been updated and consists of new anti-tamper packaging that is sealed with a tear-off top.

ARB Soft Connect Shackle 14.5T Orange

Sales Tax Included |
    • 14.5T breaking strength, suitable for vehicles up to 3.5T
    • UV resistant properties + water resistant & designed to float
    • Flexible – attaches to most rated recovery points
    • Manufactured from CE-certified high tensile UHMWPE (ISO 2307)
    • Safer than a steel shackle when used correctly
    • Instructions printed on storage bag, as well as included in handy print form
    • Fits in most storage spots in your vehicle, door pockets, glove boxes & no rattles
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