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The ARB Slide Kitchen is an integrated unit that slides out of the drawer housing and sets up in 15 seconds. It features a bench top, gas stove, utensils drawer, and of course, a kitchen sink.

Kit Includes

  • Slide-Out Kitchen
  • Slide Floor Kit
  • Outback Roller Drawer System


Three-Burner Stove
The three-burner Thetford stove has two 1.75kW burners and one 2.5kW rapid burner, plus a tempered glass lid that works as a splashback while the stove is in use. ‘Flame-out’ technology ensures that the gas supply is automatically shut off if the flame blows out, or the lid closes.

12L Collapsible Sink
To complete the kitchen, the 12L collapsible silicone sink, with plug, also doubles as a dish drying rack, and includes a utensils holder to assist in the wash-up after you’ve finished cooking. Once collapsed, the sink can be stored in the utensils drawer or can be packed away elsewhere.

Easy Access
Accessing the kitchen is no different to opening any ARB drawer; you simply pull the mechanical latch and roll the 950mm stainless steel bench out. Once fully extended, the bench locks into place and you can operate the kitchen as a simple bench top with drawer, or keep sliding the stainless top out to reveal the hidden 3 burner stove. To access the kitchen from the other side you can simply unbolt the hob box and turn it around. 

Drawer System
Beyond offering tremendous storage capabilities, the ARB Outback Roller Drawer is purpose-made for off-road use. Featuring an anti-rollback system to make sure the drawers don’t unintentionally close when on uneven ground, like at an off-road campsite, you can be sure you’ll always have easy access to all your gear.

ARB's rolling top gives you plenty of storage space and allows a fridge freezer to be easily mounted on top, enabling it to be rolled in and out as required. 


Images for illustration purposes.

ARB Outback Drawer With Slide-Out Kitchen & Roller Floor (VW Amarok Mk2 2016-)

Sales Tax Included |
    • Kitchen-grade stainless-steel benchtop – measures 1250mm long and features a 30kg weight limit when fully extended
    • Three-burner Thetford stove – comprising of two 1.75kw burners and one 2.5kw rapid burner
    • 12-Litre collapsible sink – includes drying base and utensils holder
    • 'Flame-Out’ technology – automatically cuts off gas flow if the flame were to blow out
    • Unique anti-rattle design – built for both on and off-road driving
    • Folded stainless steel bearing runners – for an ultra-smooth drawer and slide operation
    • Key lockable, push-pull slam-shut latches for ease of use – offers maximum security 
  • VW Amarok Mk2 (2017 - 2020)
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