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The Adventure® Medical Kits Custom Bag is the perfect solution for the outdoor adventurer who wants to build their own individualized kit from the ground up. 

Build a kit for any adventure that includes first aid supplies, survival items, toiletries, general accessories and anything in-between. Choose your kit contents and organize your kit as you see fit. Once your kit is built, name your kit, label the internal pockets and the kit map on the back. Now you have a personalized organizational system that allows you to find what you need fast. Ready, set, adventure!

Adventure Medical Kit (AMK) Custom Kit Bag

SKU: 3085-0120
Sales Tax Included |
    • Personalized Kit Map 
    • Find what you need fast by labeling your internal kit pockets.
    • Semi-Transparent Pockets 
    • Label your external kit map so you know what supplies are in your kit and where they are located.See-through pockets protect items from dirt and moisture while allowing for quick and easy access.
    • Secure Pockets 
    • Zippers prevent your items from falling out when opening the kit or accessing it in a vertical environment.
    • Size:  7.5" x 1" x 6"
    • Weight:  0.95lbs
    • Group Size:  1 - 3 people
    • Trip Duration:  Multiple days
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