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To spread the load in a recovery the Saber Offroad 10mm Bridle is the perfect alternative to a bulky and heavy Equaliser strap. This 10mm 4WD Recovery Bridle & Equaliser Strap with a 9,000Kg MBS is perfect to pair with a 4,000KG Kinetic Recovery Rope

Saber Offroad 10mm 4WD Recovery Bridle & Equaliser Strap
A bridle allows you to spread the load of a recovery across multiple points in the vehicle. This serves multiple purposes;

  • It reduces the load on each individual recovery point meaning it reduces the chances of failure
  • It ensures an even pull across the chassis eliminating the possibility of twisting the frame

The Saber Offroad Bridles are made from our proprietary fibre, Saber Pro. Saber Pro is the same fibre that we use in all of our winch lines and a number of other Saber offroad products. The bridles also have a sheath to ensure their protection from ropes biggest enemy, dirt & rocks.

How to select the right 4WD Recovery Bridle for you
Selecting the right bridle is a simple process if you know what you are looking for.

When picking the right bridle you need to look for something that is rated higher than the minimum breaking strength of the rope you have. To allow for this we have 3 options available;

10mm 9,000Kg Use with a 4k Kinetic Rope
12mm  12,000Kg Use with a 8k Kinetic Rope
14mm 16,000Kg Use with a 12k Kinetic Rope

Save Weight, reduce bulk. The Saber Offroad Bridles are the perfect alternative to big and bulky equaliser straps.

Saber 9,000kg - 10mm SaberPro Bridle with Sheath (Black)

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