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Increase your home energy storage capacity with the Yeti Link Expansion Module and Yeti Tank Expansion Battery (sold separately). Yeti Link lets you connect Yeti Tank lead-acid batteries to your Yeti X or Yeti Lithium Power Station to increase your storage capacity at 1.2 kWh intervals. The Yeti Link comes with its own 120W Power Supply for charging from the wall. Usage Note: The Yeti Link Expansion Module and Yeti Lithium MPPT Solar Charging Optimization Module use the same expansion bay therefore they are unable to be used at the same time.


  • 8mm Charging port (input): 14 - 22V (Do not exceed 150W)
  • Expansion Module Connector (Output):80A charge controller

Goal Zero Yeti Link Expansion Module (for Yeti 1000X and larger)

SKU: GZ98215
Sales Tax Included |
    • Weight: 680 g
    • Dimensions: 26 x 8.4x 3.8 cm
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