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The Goal Zero 20A Charger Controller is a controller that can be connected between a Goal Zero solar panel with an 8mm output and a 12V battery. The alternating voltage of the solar panel is converted into a constant voltage to charge the battery. The new charge controller from Goal Zero has a built-in LCD display, where you have a visual control over the charging process, the voltage, but also the temperature. In this way the system is easy to monitor.

Important: Additional accessories are required to use this charge controller. See the matching accessories.

Goal Zero 20A Charge Controller

SKU: GZ96110
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    • Equipped with an IP65 rating that provides complete protection against dust and dirt, and is resistant to water and snow.
    • Easy-to-read LCD screen that allows you to track your charging condition, select battery type and more.
    • Supports the following battery types: LifePo4, LTO, Gel, AGM, Conventional Lead Acid and Calcium batteries.

    Charging Characteristics:

    • Start Voltage at 25°C: 3-10V
    • Charge Voltage at 25°C:
    • LTO battery: 14.0V
    • Gel battery: 14.1V
    • LiFePO4 battery: 14.4V
    • Charge Voltage at 25°C: AGM battery-14.4V
    • WET battery: 14.7V
    • Calcium battery: 14.9V
    • Equalizing Voltage at 25°C: WET or Calcium battery-15.5V
    • Float Voltage at 25°C:
    • Gel, AGM, WET, Calcium batteries-13.6V
    • LTO and LiFePO4 batteries-13.4V
    • Battery temperature compensation coefficient: -24mV/°C
    • Spade to HPP Cable Length: 91,44 cm
    • Battery voltage    20 A
    • Rated charge current    12 V
    • IP standard    IP65
    • Dimensions    15.5 x 9.91 x 2.6 cm
    • Weight    499 g
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