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ARB's Air Locker Manifold Kit enables effortless remote mounting of two ARB Air Locker solenoids and the ARB Air Compressor Pump Up Kit to your vehicle's onboard air system.

The Air Locker Manifold Kit works seamlessly with the ARB CKMA12 and CKMTA12 Air Compressors and really comes into play when your vehicle's particulars require mounting the air compressor in a confined space that makes attaching the Air Locker solenoids and Air Compressor Pump Up Kit difficult or impossible. The Air Locker Manifold Kit has a working pressure limit of 150 psi, so it will integrate perfectly with your ARB Air Compressors and most other onboard air sources as well. Mounting brackets and hardware are included.

ARB Air Locker Manifold Kit

SKU: XAA171503
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  • XAA171503
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